Youth Savings

Start Young, Save More!

Come in and get your child’s savings account started today.

Give your kids the tools they need to become savy savers.  Our accounts will help them start early and save often.

Simple Saving Steps:

  1. Open an account.
  2. Set a goal.
  3. Watch your money grow!

The following are just a few reasons why teaching youth to save can be greatly beneficial to theirs lives:

  1. Teaching kids to save teaches self control.
    Choosing to save, instead of spend, is an exercise in self control.  The famous 1927 Stanford Marshmallow Experiment showed that kids with self control are psychologically better adjusted, more dependable and do better in school.
  2. Kids who save are more likely to go to college.
    Research conducted by Washington University’s Center for Social Development found that children who have a savings account in their name are seven times more likely to attend college than similar youth without an account.
  3. Children with a savings account have lower stress and a greater sense of hope for the future.
  4. Students with a bank account tend to be more financially literate than those without an account.

Decatur County Bank is committed to financial literacy for our community’s youth.

Decatur County Bank is a proud participant in the American Bankers Association Teach Children to Save Campaign.