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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture can save your business valuable time and money

Our small desktop scanner allows you to capture check images and securely transmit your deposits to the bank according to your schedule. The system is convenient, accurate and user-friendly. You can be up and running with WebDeposit in no time!
  • Eliminates trips to the bank simplifying deposit preparation
  • Consolidates deposits from each of your business locations
  • Eliminates the endorsement of checks
  • Reduces costs related to check handling; no longer need to photocopy check images
  • Eliminates the need for deposit slips
  • Reduces errors through automated balancing
  • Quick responses to customer payment inquiries utilizing Search features as data is instantly accessible for on-site research
  • Accelerates deposits with same-day processing of your checks if the deposits are made before the electronic check deposit deadline
  • Reduces the possibility of checks being lost or stolen in transit vis electronic transmittal of checks.